Hospital Liaison Services

The Washington County Hospital Liaison participates in daily treatment team meetings to ensure that upon discharge individuals are linked to community resources. Services are provided at Washington Hospital, Mon Valley Hospital and Southwood Hospital for Children. 

Washington Health System Hospital

Forensic Liaison Services (Jail Mental Health Coordinator)

The Forensic Liaison identifies individuals with Mental Health Diagnosis’ who are incarcerated at the Washington County Correctional Facility (WCCF). The Forensic Liaison collaborates with the WCCF staff to identify persons in need of Mental Health Treatment. They also complete court ordered assessments and make recommendations to appropriate services. This person works in collaboration with: Judges, the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defenders, Adult Probation, and Private Legal Counsel. 

Washington County Correctional Facility

Forensic Case Management Services

Forensic Case Management Services are available to persons with behavioral health disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system. The Forensic Case Manager monitors a 90 Day Diversion Program at the Magistrate Level, and The Mental Health Court at the Court of Common Pleas. When someone is accepted into one of these programs the Forensic Case Manager develops a treatment plan and monitors each individual’s Mental Health Outpatient Treatment. They then report back to the courts on individual progress. Upon successful completion of one of these programs an individual may have all charges expunged.

Magistrate Courthouse