Blended Case Management
Blended Case Management provides case management services to maximize access to community agencies and services. Consumers are high risk individuals in need of individualized support, information, and services in order that they may lead a stable and healthy life in the community.

Blended Case Managers assists individuals and their families with mental illnesses or emotional disorders by gaining access to psychiatric, medical, social, educational, and other support services. BCM’s assists with building a strong network of community resources and services and with linking the identified client with the needed services/supports within the community.

BCM provides both traditional and non-traditional hours as needed to accommodate the needs of the individual served.

BCM provides options to individuals, monitors wellness, and helps build a supportive network for individuals.

BCM services include:
  • Assessment and Service Planning 
  • Building a Support Network 
  • Use of Community Resources 
  • Linking Consumers with Services 
  • Monitoring Service Delivery 
  • Outreach 
  • Problem Resolution 

BCM services assist with coordinating supports in some of the following domains:
  • Housing 
  • Education/Vocation (school/IEP support) 
  • Income/Benefits 
  • Mental Health 
  • Drug/Alcohol 
  • Socialization 
  • Activities of Daily Living 
  • Medical 

Who is eligible for BCM services:

Any person living in Washington County with a mental health diagnosis or that is in need of a high level of mental health services.

How is someone referred for BCM services?

All persons referred for BCM services must have an active case at Washington Communities Human Services. If they are an active client at the clinic, they simply need to request a referral for BCM services and meet the criteria. If they are not active with the clinic they may contact the intake department at 724-225-6940 and ask to be scheduled for an intake. At intake an assessment will be completed to make sure that BCM eligibility criteria and medical necessity is met.

There is no cost for BCM services. Value Behavioral Health (VBH)/DPW or the County Behavioral Office will cover the cost of BCM services for those individuals who met the BCM criteria.