Children's Administrative Case Management (ACM)
Administrative Case Management (ACM) is a Base Service Unit (BSU) function which serves as the first point of contact for entry into the Public Mental Health System. It is a service that assists individuals with behavioral health disorders and is one type of case management service. ACM supports children, adolescents, and adults with behavioral health diagnosis in gaining and maintaining access to needed medical, social, education, and other services.

The ACM will develop a comprehensive service plan within 14 days of registration with individuals determined to be in need of services, including:
  • Identification of strengths and needs 
  • Identification of all natural and professional supports. 
  • Detailed goals and objectives for building on strengths, utilizing community and natural supports to address needs and achieve projected outcomes. 
  • Expected starting date, target completion date for each goal in the plan, and the annual plan review date. 
  • Signatures of all authors of the plan, including the individual, the ACM, and other participants.