Employment Opportunities
Blended Case Manager
This position of Blended Case Manager is a direct-service mobile position that provides assistance to persons with serious and persistent mental illness, and/or children/adolescents who are at risk of serious mental illness. Services are provided on a frequent and regular basis in order to assist persons, in a variety of ways, to gain access to needed resources such as vocational, medical, social, educational, and other services through natural supports, generic community resources, and specialized mental health treatment, rehabilitation and support services.
Cases are assigned from the BCM Supervisor and will not exceed the State (Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse) maximum caseload capacity levels.
Responsibilities and Duties
Some of the duties include the following; Conduct strength based consumer assessment (CSAS) of the individuals family, social, vocational, educational and medical/psychiatric history and past/present living situation. Identify needed family,social, vocational, educational, medical and/or mental health supports which are necessary for improved psychosocial functioning. Develop Service Plans, identify specific goals.
Qualifications and Skills
Blended Case Management staff must meet the following minimum experience and training requirements.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree with major course work in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Gerontology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Theology, Nursing, Counseling or Education OR
  • Be a Registered Nurse OR
  • Two years of experience in direct contact with mental health consumers or a person with a High School diploma and 12 (twelve) semester credit hours in Sociology, Social Welfare, Psychology, Gerontology, or other Social Sciences.And
  • At least one (1) year paid experience working in Human Services with Children and/or Adults.
Excellent Benefits!

The Early Intervention Service Coordinator:
  • Directs the performance of initial and ongoing evaluations and assessments.
  • Refers at-risk children to the tracking system and follows at-risk children.
  • Facilitates and participates in the development, implementation, review and evaluation of the Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs).
  • Assists the family of an infant or toddler with a disability in gaining access to the early intervention services as well as other services identified on the IFSP.
  • Facilitates the timely delivery of early intervention services.
  • Assists the family in identifying available service providers and facilitates communication with and/or between the family and the service provider.
  • Coordinates and monitors the delivery of early intervention services.
  • Informs the family of the availability of advocacy services.
  • Assists the family in arranging for the infant or toddler identified with a disability to receive necessary medical and health services, and coordinates the provision of early intervention services and/or other services that the infant or toddler needs provided.
  • Offers the family opportunities and support for the infant or toddler with a disability to participate in community activities with other children.
  • Informs the family of appropriate community resources.
  • Facilitates the development of a transition plan as part of the IFSP.
  • Monitors the progress of IFSP outcomes on a regular basis.
  • Participates in child-find activities, as needed.
  • Maintains case records, including thorough and accurate service notes that document service coordination activities on behalf of the infant or toddler.
  • Maintains awareness of early intervention regulations, policies and procedures, and reviews records to ensure compliance.
  • Completes required reports and/or forms as requested by immediate supervisor, county or state early intervention representatives in a timely manner.
  • Completes a minimum of 24 hours of training annually, relevant to early intervention services, child development, community resources or services for children with disabilities.
  • Maintains certification in infant/toddler CPR and First Aid.
Act 33/34 & FBI Clearances required. Knowledge of appropriate available resources for these children and families. Excellent benefits!

Licensed Children/Adult Therapist
Masters Degree in Psychology or Social Work required-LPC, LCSW preferred. Minimum 2 years paid experience working with children/adolescent/adults & their families in a therapeutic setting. Provides individual, group and family therapies on site and in the school setting. Provides liaison and consultative services to appropriate referral sources. Completes treatment plan reviews, quality assurance requirements and all necessary paperwork to maintain a proper outpatient record. Monday-Friday. Act 33/34, FBI & other clearances required. Excellent Benefits Package! Send resume to bobbiec@washcomm.net

Job Type: Full Time
Required experience: Masters Degree