Intellectual Developmental Delay

About Intellectual Developmental Delay

Supports Coordination is the center of the Intellectual Developmental Delay Program (formerly Mental Retardation). The Supports Coordinator is the link between the Individual, Family and the Service Provider.

The features of I/DD are significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning accompanied by limitations in adaptive function levels in at least two of the following skills: use of community resources, self-determination, functional academic skills, work, leisure, health and safety. This definition applies when the above characteristics are present before the Individual’s 22nd birthday.

To make a referral please call 724-225-6940 and you will be asked a few basic questions about the individual to be enrolled in I/DD services. The Intake SC will call to schedule an intake meeting. At that meeting please bring insurance cards, educational records, psychological reports, and adaptive functioning testing. If the Individual is determined eligible he/she will then be assigned a Supports Coordinator (SC).

The Supports Coordinator then assesses needs, writes a plan, locates services, coordinates services, and monitors services and advocates for the Individual. The SC becomes part of the team, with the Individual, family, school, therapists, employer, etc. to best serve the Individual.